know-how, experience and reliance

Zeni, was founded in Ankara as a carpenter atelier by “Fikri Usta” at 1963. First it started with timber planking without sacrificing the quality principles. After that it specialized in furniture and decoration. The next generation has inherited the team as a whole, preserving its principles and values.
In the name of institutionalization, the important step was taken. The second-generation Mehmet and Hasan Numanoglu brothers created the brand of Zeni at 2012 under the roof of “Eksen” forest products especially by producing furniture and decoration.
Since the basics were thrown by “Fikri Usta” and Zeni furniture and decoration starts his activities, the requirements from private sector and public-sector increases. In proportion of that Zeni has decided to expand his field of activity. In order to provide permanent solutions by adopting customer satisfaction, besides wood, it has also included metal and upholstered furniture production in 2014.
Adopting this philosophy without sacrificing sustainability in the process of design, production, know-how, organization and management, which based on tradition and quality principles, it continues to serve with half a century of confidence and first day excitement.


Zeni includes in his on-site architect, engineer, technical manager and experienced craftsmen. With his production volume, it produces furniture and solutions for culture and business centers, accommodation and recreational facilities, office and home environments at home and abroad.


With his quality, a half century of experience and the combination of experts and technology is Zeni one of the most preferred furniture producers in Turkey.

Zeni has 1500 square meters production facility and increasing his production capacity every day, as well as production volume it produces furniture and solutions for culture and business centers, accommodation and recreation facilities, office and home environments.